About Us

The TB&J Podcast was started by two best friends, Jeffrey H. Ackerman and Troy Brittingham. Early on, they realized they don’t know the first thing about audio engineering, so they roped their friend Chris Carrol into this. And D… well, Old D is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Some say he appeared out of a wormhole one day. Others say he has some form of dirt on Jeff and blackmailed his way onto the pod. And others say he is actually Elvis Presley, deep in hiding, but desperate for a way to broadcast his voice. The world may never know the truth, but we’re glad(?) he’s on the team.

Jeff, Troy and Chris have been friends for years, and surprisingly have not killed each other yet. This podcast may be the end of that record, though.

Our theme song was written and recorded by John Fitzwater of Hey Mark, Let’s Riot! Check him out, will ya? https://open.spotify.com/artist/60u8PVc3CleI1K2jEvir3k

Our logo was designed by William Braun.

A short snippet about the podcast!